Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall really is descending onto the high country. Labor Day weekend has seen a big change with most mornings now getting frost in Dubois and snow falling in the mountains. That is not that unusual but what is is the fact that it is staying on so long. Usually this time of year we get a storm like this and within a few days it is warm again. I hiked into the Wiggins Fork canyon area the other day through about an inch of snow with heavier amounts higher up. It was an exhilerating trip and good exercise but I should have worn my gaiters as it got a little damp brushing against willows full of snow
Another recently completed painting is this oil of Mule Deer. Trees here are just beginning to change and I wanted to capture that transition from summer to fall. It is 12"x24" image size.
This is a recently completed painting I have done. It is a 14"x18" oil, and can be checked out with more information through