Monday, June 30, 2008

Lower Ramshorn Lake. What a pristine beautiful spot and unheard of by many Dubois residents.
As has become our habit this spring, my pardner, Tom Lucas and myself rose early in the morning this past saturday to check things out in the high country. We ran into snow at the 9,000 foot level while trying the road[trail] into the Ramshorn Lakes north of Dubois. There is still more snow on the ground there than bare ground but the lakes were unfrozen and it was a beautiful morning. On the way up we watched two Bull elk climbing a pretty steep hill which was sure winding them. Just to get out of the way of two old cowboy artists. On our return we ran into two fawn Mule Deer fawns and I got a number of pictures of them.
In preparation for the Saratoga Art Show I have been busy painting the landscape from that area. Saratoga and the upper Platte river valley of southern Wyoming is a very rural beautiful and interesting area for landscapes and I have always loved painting it. Many residents have supported that effort for which I am very grateful. This is an 18"x24" Oil Painting of a rain shower passing over the irrigated meadows of the river valley.
This painting has sold through the Blackhawk Gallery this summer.
This weekend I will be in Saratoga, Wyoming for the annual 4th of July Art Show there at the new Art Center just completed this year. I haven't been in the building yet but pictures of it are impressive. I will be the featured artist and this painting will be the Show Poster. Saratoga is always a lot of fun and I have always done very well there.
I have returned from that show and it was pretty slow with a number of artists being skunked. I did pretty well though and am happy with the results.