Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This morning sunrise found me climbing up to a low pass between Bear Creek and the Wiggins Fork River seen in this shot coursing its way through pure wilderness. Under threatening skies all morning I traipsed this area along with a hike along Bear Creek itself. Fighting through old growth Spruce, Cottonwoods, Alders and Western Red Birch. But a great source of exercise. Great Grizzly country too.
Last sunday Vicki and I took off for the northern Teton National Park as well as the Lewis River area of southern Yellowstone. Doing a little research for upcoming paintings. The posted Lewis River Bull is one of the resuts of this excursion. This is the Lewis Falls from beside and above. It was a rather trecherous trail with snow and ice. But what a beautiful waterfall and what a beautiful river the Lewis River is.
This is another smaller painting I did from sketches done last winter. It is a scene from above Togwotee Lodge. It is a 8"x16" Acrylic painting on canvas.
This is another recently completed painting I have done. Torrey Creek is a 14"x18" Oil painting. If interested in this or any others contact me through Silversage
This 8"x10" Acrylic painting is another I have entered in the miniature show.
I have entered 5 paintings in an upcoming miniature show. One is the Oregon Grape that I have posted here earlier. Another is this gouache watercolor painting, Lewis River Bull. It is 6'x14.5"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is the second of two paintings I am sending for consideration for the C M Russell auction. It i a 15"x30" Oil Painting, Stoney Point Crossing.

One of the recent paintings that I have completed is this oil 20"x24" Teton Cottonwoods.
I have sent it for jurying to the C M Russell Show for their art auction this coming march.
I didn't make it into the C M Russell this year and was a little dissapointed being turned down on this painting but I did enter it into the National 2-Shot Goose hunt show and won the top purchase award with it which was probably worth more than what I would have received in the Russell auction. So I am very happy. Plus. I have a commission to do another similar to this.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Went by the turn off to Brooks Lake and thought how fast things change. This pix of the outlet is now buried in snow. Was so inviting looking just a few days befor. Will be July befor we see this pix again. It is just begging for a painting though. It is formost in my mind.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The October snow has painted Dubois as a winter wonderland. This scene in town is almost Christmas card looking. Temps have warmed up to 50 daytime and that snow is melting. Will be in the back country till July next year though. Winter is closer than we want to think.
Was at Brooks Lake last week and caught this pack string coming in from the Teton Wilderness. 2 guys and 2 girls with a pretty good string of horses. Was meat hanging off the last horse string so they had had some success. Was a great time to come out as it started snowing the next day and put down 2-3 feet in the back country. We had 8" in Dubois and temperatures were in the single digit range.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The fall colors are in full swing and the ground cover matches the trees. This is a small,5"x7" oil painting of Oregon Grape which actually has green leaves similar to Holly in appearance and some of the leaves will stay green all winter, but also displays golds, oranges and rust colors. A truely magnificent ground cover in the pine forests and along riparian areas. The berries are used for jelly but is difficult to find enough to make picking a very worthwhile endeavor.
This is another Oil painting I have finished. It is 14"x18" and I call it Winter Doe and Fawn.

This is a recent oil painting I have finished. It is an 8"x10"oil painting study of a Pronghorn Antelope.

Gary Keimig Art

In the afternoon I dropped down on the Snake River at Scwabachers Landing where I hiked along one of the rivers myrids of channels. Lots of color and the afternoon light on the Tetons and waterfowl which afforded me numerous photo opportunities and more ideas for future paintings. What a beautiful day.
I continue to do my weekly hikes and this past week I hiked into Phelps Lake in the Tetons. This lake has been non accessable to the public as it was once a dude ranch run by the Rockefellers and later a wilderness retreat for their family. I once knew the ranch manager who invited me up but never took advantage of it. The ranch was given to the Teton National Park several years ago and has been completely restored to its wilderness setting with only the trail into the lake[about 1 1/2 miles from a information building and kiosk.] There is a fancy outdoor bathroom and a pretty groomed out trail to the lake and the lake is worth hiking into. It is a clear warm day and at this time of year not much for traffic on the trail. I spend some time there reflecting on its beauty and getting lots of ideas for paintings. I watch a lone Merganser on the lake and a nice sized trout sitting below the water surface just below the lake outlet from a nice wooden bridge that crosses the lake.
I had earlier gone to the Wildlife art museum and checked out the Robert Bateman display. Great work. So simply painted yet no wasted colors or strokes to convey what he wants to do. Loved it.