Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My addition for painting-a-day for today is a Cottontail hiding amongst Sagebrush.
It is 4"x6" Oil painting. If interested in this painting or any on this blog, please contact me through my gallery website, http://www.silversagegallery.com/

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Kathy Myron said...

Hi, Gary. I guess we can't all be computer geniuses like my brother. I've now tried three times to leave a comment and I don't seem to have gotten it right yet. I'm beginning to feel like this rabbit and maybe I should just hop on out of here. I think he's probably the Easter bunny and he's come a little early to hide eggs.
This site does seem to be a good place to view your paintings so now maybe I can have a chance to look at more of your work rather than just see what you have on hand at the times I happen to be in Dubois, which isn't very often.
Take care,
Kathy Myron